The AOIWB will continually endeavour to create a sense of togetherness among the Otorhinolaryngology
fraternity in West Bengal. Maintaining and continuing medical education through various orations,
clinical meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences will be the foremost motto of our association.
Adequate and appropriate training of residents will always be the prority so that the future of
Otorhinolaryngology is in able and skilled hands. Regular interaction with the society to create awareness
regarding preventable and treatable causes of hearing loss and head and neck cancer will form a bulk of
the activities undertaken by the association. The association will also strive to bring about government
impetus to the field of Otorhinolaryngolgy through regular interaction with the concerned departments of
the government. This will bring about improvement of infrastructure for the disposal of quality
Otorhinolaryngolgy care services along the length and breadth of our state.