1951: ‘AOI,WB’ was formed , prior to 3rd Annual Conference of AOI.

1970: 1st Annual Conference of AOI, WB was held in Chandannagar, Hoogly. ‘Major K.K.Ghosh Award’ was started. Dr. Asoke Mukherjee was the first recipient of Major K.K.Ghosh Award.

1973: Dr. Satyaban Roy Memorial Oration was started by Dr. S.K.Nag Chowdhury. Major K.K.Ghosh was
the first Orator. It was decided that henceforth, the Orator will be from other states.Publication of the State Journal was started. Dr.S.K.De was the Editor & Dr.D.Basu was the Editorial Secretary.

1974: Orator was Prof. A.N. Sinha from AIIMS, New Delhi. Dr.Dulal Kr Basu was the recipient of ‘Major K.K.Ghosh Award’.

1975: Annual conference of AOI was held in Kolkata. State Conference was not held that year.

1976: Annual State Conference was held in Darjeeling. ‘Dr.Satyaban Roy Memorial Oration’ was
delivered by Dr.M.K.Chetri. He is the only one orator outside ENT fraternity to deliver this memorial

1978: Association office Address was 12, Dharmatala Street (Dr.Major K.K.Ghosh’s chamber).Annual
subscription was Rs.18/-. Dr. Patit Paban Ghosh from AIIMS, New Delhi delivered Dr.Satyaban Roy
Memorial Oration. Dr. Debratan Nandi was the recipient of Major K.K.Ghosh Award.1st Workshop on ‘Advanced Course on Laryngeal Disorde’r was held in Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital.

1979: ‘Advanced Course on Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media’ and ‘Temporal Bone Workshop’ was held
at Niramoy Polyclinic & Research Foundation, which is now AMRI, Dhakuria.

1980: Advanced Course on Rhinology was held in R.G.Kar Medical College. Dr.V.S.Subramanium
delivered Dr. Satyaban Roy Memorial Oration. Prof. Abir Lal Mukherjee made a Documentary film ”
Shrinnantu” on Noise Pollution, which was shown in the Conference, held in Krishnanagar.

1981: Annual State Conference was held in, now defunct, Airport Hotel, near Dumdum. State
Membership crossed 100.

1982: Annual State Conference was held at B.R.Singh Hospital. Dr.Nirmalya Mazumder, from
Pondicherry, delivered Dr. Satyaban Roy Memorial Oration. Dr.B.K.Roy Chowdhury became State Journal Editor and continued till 1984.

1985: 15th Annual Conference was held at Indira Guest House in Salt Lake. Dr.Y.N.Mehra was the
Dr.Satyaban Roy Memorial Orator. Dr.P.K.Kakkar from New Delhi and our Ex State Secretary Dr. P.Dayal from Patna attended the Conference. Dr. D.K.Banerjee became Journal Editor.

1986: Our Association ‘Constitution’ was finalised by a Committee formed by Hony. Secretary
Dr.A.M.Saha, Dr.Tarun Palit and Dr. D.K.Banerjee. Annual Conference of AOI was held at Nandan ,in Kolkata. State Conference was not held this year.

1987: Election according to our Constitution was held for the first time at 16th Annual State Conference hela at Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital, Kolkata. Dr.Debratan Nandi & Dr. Mrinal Acharya were elected as
Hony. Secretary & Hony. Treasurer respectively. Our own Association Office was purchased at the IMA House in Creek Row.

1989: AOI, West Bengal donated a cheque of Rs. 1000/-towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, which was handed over to Shri Jyoti Basu, the then Chief Minister.

1990: ‘Travel Fellowship’ was started.

1991: Dr. J.N.Gurtu donated Rs. 10,000/- towards ‘Travel Fellowship Fund’ & two Travel Fellowships
were started. Pre Conference Workshop was started from this year. Dr.M.V.Kirtane delivered Dr.satyaban Roy Memorial Oration.

1992: 2nd East Zonal Conference was held at N.R.S. Medical College, Kolkata.

1993: Smt. Rashmani Mukhopadhyay Memorial Oration was started by the donation made by Prof.

1994: ‘Prof. P.K.Khasnobis Award’ was introduced for the Best Paper published in our State Journal by a donation made by Mrs. Khasnobis.

1995: Received the ‘Best Branch Award’ at AOI Conference held at Udaipur.

1995: Bijoya Sammilani celebration was started. State Association donated Rs.5000/- in the Kargil Fund of Ananda Bazar Patrika.

2003: ‘Life Time Achievement’ Award was started. First recipient was Dr.Tarun Palit. Other recipients were Dr. S.M.Sen, Dr. A.M. Saha, Dr. D.N. Chatterjee, Dr.B.K.Roy Chowdhury, Dr. Santanu Banerjee, Dr.
Dulal Basu, Dr. Satya Das, Dr. Debratan Nandi New Office of AOI, WB was started at CMC Building at C.R.Avenue in 2003 prior to Annual Conference of AOI held at Science City in January, 2004.

2004: ‘Trustee Board’ was formed with 5 members: Dr. Abir Lal Mukherjee, Dr.Sankar Mohan Sen, Dr.
Tarun Palit, Dr. Dulal kumar Basu, Dr. A.M.Saha. After the death of Dr. S.M.Sen & Dr. A.L.Mukherjee, Dr.
Debratan Nandi & Dr. Haradhan Bora were made the Trustee Board Members.

2005: ‘State Oration’ was introduced in the Annual Conference from 2005, delivered by our illustrious predecessors.

2007: ‘Prof. B.K.Roy Chowdhury Consultant Award’ was introduced for the Best paper of Junior
Consultants after a donation from Dr. B.K.Roy Chowdhury.

2008:‘MIDAOICON, West Bengal’ was started from this year. Decision for ‘Prof. Abir Lal Mukherjee
Oration’ to be delivered in MIDAOICON was taken this year.’Dr. Santanu Banerjee Competitive Video Session’ was introduced from this year. ‘Dr. R.N. Roy Chowdhury Memorial Award’ for highest mark in MS(ENT) of Calcutta University was introduced. Dr.Sankar Mohan Sen & Dr. Tarun Palit ‘Temporal Bone Dissection Course’ was started at Salt Lake State Hospital, organised by Dr. Dipankar Mukherjee since 2008.